November 18, 2020

Lingit among the fastest-growing technology companies in Norway

Deloitte has named Lingit one of the 50 fastest-growing Norwegian technology companies of 2020.

Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 identifies Norway’s most successful growth companies, based on the last four years’ revenue growth.

“Norway is both at the forefront in recognizing reading and writing difficulties and ahead of the curve with regards to use of digital tools in education, which are important drivers for our growth. The last years have been an exciting journey, and we’re honored to be recognized along with so many rising tech stars!”, says Frode M. Thulien, CEO of Lingit.

Lingit is Europe’s largest educational software company specializing in the development and provision of assistive technology to individuals with reading and writing disabilities.

“We have set a new standard for reading and writing support software. Our employees are passionate about language and learning, and are privileged to see the impact our software can have on those in need of such support. Our tools provide help to both children and adults in managing and compensating for their difficulties, so that they can have the same education, work and career opportunities as everyone else. We know our technology can help millions of dyslexics across the world. We look forward to continuing our growth journey and help even more people,” says Thulien.

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