European leader in multilingual literacy support software

Lingit provides the support needed to create more inclusive learning and working environments. We strive towards creating equal opportunities for all to read, write and understand.

Lingit’s tailored software offers multilingual literacy support for dyslexics and others with reading and writing difficulties.

Our programmes make reading and writing easier by assisting with spelling, vocabulary and reading in text processing applications across all major platforms for computers and tablets.

The Lingit group comprises of three companies that offer multilingual literacy support technology, with a strong position in Northern Europe and the UK, rapidly expanding its services to international markets.

Lingit is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, with offices in Bergen, Norway; Cardiff and Preston, UK, and a development partner in Ukraine.

Dyslexia is:
  • The most common learning disability and occurs in all areas of the world, affecting 5-15% of the global population.
  • A specific learning disability of neurological origin. Characterized with difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition, spelling and decoding abilities.
  • Characterized by trouble with reading and writing despite normal intelligence.
People with dyslexia:
  • Struggle with connecting the letter with the letter’s sound.
  • Read slowly, which may negatively affect the understanding of what is read.
  • Often write with a lot of spelling errors. Writing long and/or compound words are difficult.
  • Often write with a more limited vocabulary.
  • Struggle with rimes, mixing the sounds of letters such as b and d, and b and p.

A strategy for global change

Every day, we help thousands of people overcoming their reading and writing difficulties. Our team is passionate about creating equal opportunities for all and has for years developed programmes that provide the support needed to read, write and understand. This is how we approach our vision of inclusion and equal opportunities in education and the workplace.

Our strategy is rooted in this vision and is focused on providing literacy support to as many people as possible.

Lingit today offers a range of assistive software products for reading and writing support in English, German, French, Spanish and Norwegian for PC, Mac and tablets.

Through strong focus on research and development, in combination with bolt-on acquisitions, Lingit will further strengthen our product offering and accelerate international expansion. To help even more people to read, write and understand.

Built on entrepreneurial passion and drive

The Lingit group comprises of people who are dedicated to creating a more inclusive learning and working environments. These experts are leading academics and professors in language and assistive technology, or dyslexics with reading and writing difficulties of their own. Together they have built the world’s best literacy support software and a European leader within its niche.

2001: Leading academics at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, founded Lingit. Among them was professor in language technology, Torbjørn Nordgård.

2012: Merged with Norwegian peer Include, founded by Sverre Andreas Holbye, a low-vision therapist and special needs advisor.

2017: Verdane invested in Lingit and became the company’s largest shareholder, with the plan to launch Lingit internationally and build a leading European player.

2018: Having established a strong presence in the Northern European market, Lingit acquired Claro Software, a leading UK-based company with well-established sales in countries such as France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

2020: Lingit acquires LexAble, a British technology company for automatic text correction, further underpinning Lingit’s international expansion plans.

The Lingit companies

The Lingit group of companies consists of Lingit and Claro Software, offering multilingual literacy support for dyslexics and others with reading and writing difficulties, and LexAble, a UK-based provider of automatic and immediate text correction.